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OpenNyAI Labs 1st Cohort

OpenNyAI Labs helps innovators turn into reality their ideas for AI-powered legal and justice solutions. A virtual maker space where the core loop is learn-build-share. We focus on helping innovators prototype faster, perform stakeholder validation on the internet or market, collaborate with fellow makers, and get solid mentorship.

Applications for the first cohort close on Jan 10, 2023

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OpenNyAI Labs Mentors

Vivek Raghavan

Sachin Malhan

Srijoni Sen

Prathamesh K.

Saurabh Karn

Access the catalogue of AI Models, datasets and other resources as you start on your journey of becoming a Legal AI Innovator !

Step 1

Application start from December 10, 2022

Step 2

Applications Review

Step 3

Announcement of First Cohort on January 10, 2023

Step 4

Weekly Meetups of Cohort Members and Mentors

Step 5

Product Demo and Pitch on July 10, 2023

The Labs seek to support entrepreneurs working in Legal AI, researchers developing tools based on Legal AI, and academics creating open AI building blocks.

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