We are democratising knowledge to build responsible AI solutions for Indian Justice system

MOOC Videos

As part of the benchmarking exercise the team put together a MOOC to teach students how AI works and specifically the sentence rhetorical roles for creating dataset for Indian court judgements

The field of AI for Law and Justice can be exponential advanced by dissolving the silos between technology, policy and legal experts. Synthesis is OpenNyAI blog where we endeavour to democratise insights that will help advance the field in an open collaborative manner.

As part of OpenNyAI collaborative various technical groups are advancing the state of the art AI models as well as building novel datasets. You will find the list of all the research papers as well as white papers in the link below.

One of the fastest growing fields in Law and Justice is Online Dispute Resolution. With approaches like automated dispute resolution or assisted dispute resolution we are looking towards a huge positive disruption in justice system’s capacity to resolve disputes at scale. Download your copy of ODR today.

One of the most critical stakeholder for OpenNyai initiative are the young justice makers. OpenNyai will catalyse the pathways for students to build their understanding and skills in Legal AI while contributing towards building open data and technology critical for the future of Justice in India. Currently, students are welcome to apply for upcoming event i.e. Building better legal AI using expert humans

All the press releases about OpenNyai will be collated in this section. Please visit soon to find the collection here!