Summer of Data is a national 5-week program focused on bringing more law students into the open justice data movement. In this first edition of the Summer of Data Program, law students worked under the mentorship of Prof. Rangin Pallav Tripathy of NLU Odisha and Civic Data Lab to create a dataset that profiles the backgrounds of High Court Judges from across India.

Data (or the lack thereof) on judges, their backgrounds, tenure and professional trajectory can tell us a lot about the judicial system. It can reveal the diversity and transparency of the institution on a range of parameters. Equally it can unravel systemic factors that affect the composition and impact of the institution.

Students engaged for 5 weeks (between May 31st-July 2nd, 2021) to create the dataset, meeting the deadlines agreed upon with their mentors. The entire program was conducted online.

The data is currently being reviewed by the Justice Hub team and will be released soon.

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