Open AI for Justice

OpenNyAI is a mission aimed at developing open source software and datasets to catalyze the creation of AI-powered solutions to improve access to justice in India.

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OpenNyAI Connect

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AI for Justice Series

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Micro-course on Legal AI and annotations

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At OpenNyAI we are building an open collaborative future of AI for Law and Justice in India. All the work by collaborators as part of the mission abides by following principles.

The initiative and its output is open source and will remain so forever. The generated data-set, trained models, benchmarks and other intellectual outputs will be kept in public domain for anyone to use freely for non-commercial and commercial purposes under open licenses.

By extensive sharing of resources and communication of intent, approaches and progress we encourage different actors and stakeholders to participate in this mission.

The mission seeks to keep potential collaborators, critical stakeholders and the public actively informed about its choices and progress.

The mission is aware of and will mitigate against the enormous risk of AI solutions exacerbating the exclusion of certain classes of people or even reinforcing institutional biases.

Active Collaborative Initiatives

Justice Hub Summer of Data 2021

60 law school students come together to build first of its kind data on the background of High Court Judges.

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Benchmarks for Indian legal NLP

Building benchmark datasets and AI models. Engaging students to build open data while learning about how legal AI works.

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License License: CC BY 4.0 

Ways To Participate

Discover how you can participate in this Mission, whether as a collaborator, contributor, event participant or in some other way.


OpenNyai offers rich opportunities for Universities to collaborate on the creation of these critical public goods for the future of AI in Justice. Professors, research assistants and advanced students can co-create and learn while students can get hands-on experience developing data-sets and refining technology.

Students can participate in the creation of data-sets, help improve the resulting solutions and develop learning materials. All of this while exposing them to cutting edge knowledge and skill building and practical exposure. This also gives them an opportunity to apply practical aspects of law in improving the AI system.

Small and Large businesses are welcome to collaborate on building open datasets and using the open tools and datasets built as part of OpenNyai. Apart from this you businesses would also have access to a community of experts working in AI for Justice. Do reach out via contact form to connect.

Not-for-Profits and Civil Society is closer to the ground and hence has a better understanding of the problem. Not-for-Profits and Civil Society can help build that common understanding and use the open tools to build more effective solutions for their teams to conduct better research and improved workflows. They would also have opportunities to collaborate and receive support from the community of different organizations with similar mission.