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What if Justice

could be made to work for every Indian?

We’re developing AI public goods (models, APIs, and datasets) and a maker community of lawyers and technologists to transform the experience of justice in India.

Open mission for AI4Justice

Innovation, accelerated by collaboration

OpenNyai is an open mission enabling everyone to contribute. Our community is engaged in building datasets, models, educational materials, holding community spaces and evangelising better design and ethics for AI for Justice solutions. If you are intrigued by AI for Justice solutions and want to explore ways in which you can contribute, then please get in touch! We would love to speak to you and figure out pathways that works best for you.

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OpenNyAI Makerspace

Are you a maker? Want to harness the power of AI such as Large Language Models (LLMs) to build justice solutions? Building AI solutions from scratch requires massive resources, knowledge and a community of doers. Every year we bring together aspiring makers who want to build AI for justice solutions. At the OpenNyAI Makerspace you can find resources, peer support, cloud credits and more that could accelerate maker journeys.

Contributors and Leaders

OpenNyai is a thriving community of legal professionals, researchers, data scientists, computer scientists, artists, industry leaders and change makers. Click below to learn about the community members and how they are leading the change!

Community Initiatives

Though AI for Law and Justice is a fairly new area of work across the globe, India is seeing some ground breaking work done by researchers, entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, activists among others. Learn about these companies and initiatives which are advancing AI for Justice

Our Principles

The initiative and its output is open source and will remain so forever. The generated data-set, trained models, benchmarks and other intellectual outputs will be kept in public domain for anyone to use freely. All the outputs of OpenNyai mission will be covered under CCBY 4.0 and MIT license from the beginning for anyone to use and contribute.

Being a diverse community of people from academia, industry and practice from both legal and technology space, we are hyper-collaborative space. Most of our outputs are a result of multiple organisation working as a joint group.

The mission seeks to keep potential collaborators, critical stakeholders and the public actively informed about its choices and progress.

The mission is aware of and will mitigate against the enormous risk of AI solutions exacerbating the exclusion of certain classes of people or even reinforcing institutional biases.

Reference Solutions


Jugalbandi is a free and open platform that combines the power of ChatGPT and Indian language translation models under the Bhashini mission to power conversational AI solutions in any domain. It was first demo’d at the Agami Summit 2022. Now we’ve launched Jugalbandi Studio to enable anyone to use Jugalbandi easily.

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Reference Solutions

AI assisted Judgement Explorer

Experience the AI capabilities of the OpenNyAI models developed thus far. Such reference solutions can be used by makers/innovators/researchers to build AI assisted solutions for Law and Justice.

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Founding Collaborators
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